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I’d like to use this opportunity to reorganise all the stuff I have; delete the fanfics, merge some pages, dedicate a page for Koufuku Anshin, and more importantly, update my name. It was always a mouthful to pronounce and write, a relic of my younger days when all I did was play games, write shitty fanfic, and laugh at other people studying.

Now it’s time to put those times behind me and start again. Here I go.

Accel World Updates will be both here and on the main site, Burst Linkers. Updates for Koufuku Anshin will be posted here exclusively.


Translation Group Burstlinkers is Disbanding.

Originally posted by defan752:

Dear readers,

It’s been a long time coming, but we are saddened to announce that, due to the quickening pace of Yen Press’s official release, BurstLinkers will be disbanding and discontinuing our translations of Accel World as a group.

When we started BurstLinkers in 2015, our self-proclaimed goal was to catch up to the Japanese release, and not make people wait for years upon years to be able to read the latest Accel World volume. Accel World is a very special series to us, very near and dear to all of our hearts. We lamented the fact that it has been overshadowed by other series and did not receive anything close to a decent readership. We wanted to change that, if only just a little bit.

However, by stepping back and taking a look at ourselves, we realized that we were approaching it the wrong way. We realized that the best way to support this series is to support the official release. Given how close they are to our progress, we realized that it makes no sense to continue translating, considering our slow pace and risk of being DMCAed. We will soon begin removing content from this site, leaving this blog post up.

Going forward, we invite and strongly recommend you to purchase and support the official Yen Press release of Accel World. You can purchase it at Amazon, Book Depository, or your local bookstore retailer. Thank you so, so much over the years for all of your support, and we hope to see this series grow in the future.

On that note, the Accel World subreddit has created a Discord server, and if you’d like, you can come over and chat with us and work on building a new community.

Unlimited Burst.

Infinite Burst: A Detailed Summary

I’m pretty damn tired. I spent 2 hours watching and pausing it because I have a hard time with Traditional Chinese, another hour writing the draft, and about 2 hours polishing it with defan752 and formatting it for Reddit. Maybe tomorrow after I get some sleep I’ll fix it up here, but for the time being I’m just going to post a link to the post I made on Reddit: Link to post on /r/anime

I would work harder, but the sun is rising now. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

My reaction to Infinite Burst, summed up in a screencap.
My reaction to Infinite Burst, summed up in a screencap.

I’ll probably post a review on MAL or something as well… After I’m done working.

Carbide Wolf: Legionnaire List

I was crazy enough to recreate this page again in Illustrator over the last week.

List of Legionnaires

Not so high-quality this time round, I figure 150dpi will do the trick. I screwed up while drawing the map of Tokyo with the Pen Tool, however – I believe some of my lines aren’t closed segments, and so when trying to split them up into distinct shapes with Pathfinder and applied a grey colour, there’s some segments that are discoloured. I’m stumped as to how to solve it, short of starting over, so there’s that.

I will also be uploading an easier-to-read version of the colour chart – I think the font was way too small, and I’ve since increased the font across the board.

All my raws are back home in Singapore. I’ll be working on other things until I return home.

Accel World: Colour Chart

It's bigger!
It’s bigger!

Warning: the file is BIG (5796 x 8338)!

The picture isn’t so big now – it’s 2898 x 4169 px now, exactly half the dimensions.

A little something I did in my spare time. I translated this from Volume 10’s chart, but with the low quality of the picture, I decided to try making it from scratch with Adobe Illustrator. It wasn’t easy but I’ve come a long way and I really enjoyed making it. Oh, and the new site banner was made in Illustrator as well!

With its really high resolution, I’m hoping to eventually add more characters here. The ultimate achievement would be to make it an interactive page in HTML; imagine if you could hover over the names and open windows containing a short description of the avatar in question! But that’s a long way off.

In the meantime, I’ll continue working on Koufuku Anshin and editing AW V10.

Happiness & Peace Of Mind Committee

A long time ago (more than a year, in fact!) I saw a copy of Koufuku Anshin‘s first volume by chance and immediately picked it up. Unfortunately the book was left to gather dust in my shelf as university began and by then I was busy studying. Now, I’m in China and I’m ordering another copy to translate, seeing as at least two days a week I’ve got very little to do.

But I can’t do this alone. I’m going to need help for the novel’s illustrations; specifically, I’ve got no idea how to recombine two images into one large one. All I’ve got are half-assed scans with whatever I have on hand, plus an extra booklet that came with the first volume.

So here I am: I want you. If you have any idea what I’m talking about and are better than me at Photoshop (admittedly it’s not saying a lot), write a comment below with an email address or website I can contact you at, and I’ll respond as soon as I can!

Edit: I’ve acquired my copy of Koufuku Anshin. Proof:


I’ll begin translating whatever I can now, probably the shorter segments, while I’m waiting for work to be done for AW. Without volumes, I can only edit AW anyway.